NEWS: Ganzhou Government Praises Thunder Power for its Dedication to Developing Cutting-Edge Electric Mobility Technology

Jun 1, 2023

(caption) Ganzhou government officials visited Thunder Power’s electric vehicle production base in Ganzhou

Thunder Power welcomed a delegation that consisted of high ranking Ganzhou government officials including Li Bingjun, deputy secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee; Zeng Wenming, mayor of Ganzhou; and Li Mingsheng, secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Economic Development Zone of Ganzhou, in its production facility on 8 January 2019.

Thunder Power, one of the key electric vehicle makers in the Chinese market, is an integral part of a six-pronged economy development plan of Ganzhou. It was the only key enterprise in Ganzhou New Energy Automobile City visited by the delegation.

Accompanied by Thunder Power CEO Wellen Sham, the delegation toured the assembly and welding workshop, which covers an area of about 9,800m2, to inspect the entire production line.

Thunder Power’s development of its first luxury electric vehicle has entered a key prototype testing stage. With its cutting-edge technology of battery, motor and electronic control systems, the company looks forward to readying for mass production this year.

Li Bingjun praised the company for its dedication in pushing the boundaries of electric mobility.

Aiming at the high-end passenger car market, Thunder Power remains focused on developing its core electric mobility technology in-house. It intends to strengthen its competitive advantage within the framework of Ganzhou’s economy development plan, which outlines a strategy to develop the city into a key industrial centre of south China in about 10 years.

Thunder Power’s proprietary electric vehicle chassis, a platform from which to develop multiple vehicle models, is the first in China to obtain patents. With its lightweight components and body, the entire car is about 400kg lighter than Tesla’s Model S, an electric car of similar size. The proprietary technologies of the company have enabled it to stand out from stand out.

The company has received investment support from the provincial Gannan Industrial Development Fund since 2016, with a goal to build a production facility that reaches a capacity of 100,000 units per year and generates RMB 50 billion in revenue annually.

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